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World's Biggest White Hydrogen Deposit May Have Been Found Under France

IFL Science 25 Sep 2023
When geologists set out to probe beneath the old coal-mining region of Southeastern France, they were hoping to find a trove of fossil fuels locked deep within its subsoil ... The site is found in the Lorraine, a region of France once famous for coal mining, now best known for its quiche.

Bitcoin has the potential to cut global emissions by 8%

Cryptopolitan 23 Sep 2023
BTC is largely criticized for its high energy consumption during mining and its carbon emissions ... This can be done by capturing the methane gas and converting it as a source of energy to power computers in BTC mining, thus reducing the emissions released into the atmosphere by 8% by 2030.

Bitcoin Has Potential To Create ‘Energy-Abundant Future’ New Report Concludes

Cryptoslate 22 Sep 2023
The authors further discuss how Bitcoin mining can mitigate natural gas flaring/venting, a significant contributor to global warming. By harnessing stranded gas or captured methane from oil extraction and landfills, Bitcoin mining aligns with climate change mitigation efforts.

Bitcoin mining can help reduce up to 8% of global emissions: Study

The Coin Telegraph 22 Sep 2023
The report highlighted that Bitcoin mining can convert wasted methane emissions into less harmful emissions ....

Bitcoin Mining’s Green Revolution: A Catalyst for Institutional Investment

Bitcoin World 21 Sep 2023
While the Bitcoin network has consistently expanded over the years, its mining industry stands out for its minimal carbon footprint, a feat few industries can boast about ... Batten explains that Cambridge’s calculations omit off-grid mining and methane mitigation, thus underestimating sustainable energy use.

Trio of Sentinel satellites map methane super-emitters

Phys Dot Org 20 Sep 2023
Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and is the second-largest contributor to climate warming after carbon dioxide ... These are typically found among industrial facilities, such as oil and gas operations, coal mines, or even landfills, that have equipment or infrastructure issues leading to significant methane leaks.

We need to talk about methane if we want to reduce carbon emissions

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 14 Sep 2023
What tragically followed the execution of this prank was the eye-watering, paint-peeling methane miasma that quickly filled the living room and sent all occupants scrambling for fresh air ... What about good old methane?. Surprisingly, when men fart, 7% of our flatulence is methane as we pass about a liter to a liter and a half of gas a day.

Smart Waste Management Market to grow by USD 2.83 billion during 2022-2027 | Increasing urbanization ...

Victoria Advocate 14 Sep 2023
NEW YORK, Sept ... This�will adversely affect people residing in urban areas ... s ... Garbage or discarded materials are included in this segment and�they come from industrial, commercial, mining, and agricultural operations as well as from community activities. Furthermore, trash and garbage�lead to the production of methane, a greenhouse gas emission (GHG).

2023 Electricity Act In Nigeria: Mining Opportunities

Bitcoin Magazine 12 Sep 2023
THE ELECTRICITY ACT AND BITCOIN MINING ... Verifiable Bitcoin mining infrastructure such as Daniel Batten’s Bitcoin Mining farm dependent on renewable energy sources have shown the efficiency of this energy option toward making bitcoin mining a net negative methane emission and 100% green.

Approving new coalmines while pledging climate action is an untenable position – and the Albanese government knows it

The Observer 07 Sep 2023
Decisions to block mines are publicly announced ... Decisions that mine developments can go ahead get a different treatment ... The decision followed two other mine approvals, also both in Queensland ... New coalmines means more methane being released, and not just during operation – they tend to keep leaking for decades after mining stops.

Iran vows to prevent deadly mining incidents after explosion

Press TV 05 Sep 2023
Iranian authorities have vowed they will implement serious measures to prevent the likes of an explosion that killed six workers in a mine in north central Iran ... Six workers were trapped in a 700-meter long tunnel in Tazareh coal mine on Sunday after an explosion that was reportedly caused by a major leak of methane gas.

Shanxi extracts 6.27 bln cubic meters coalbed methane in Jan.-July

People Daily 04 Sep 2023
Utilizing coalbed methane, a byproduct of coal, can help reduce risks in mining, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and ease gas shortages. Shanxi is one of several Chinese regions with abundant coalbed methane resources.

UPSC Essentials \u2014 Mains answer practice : GS 3 (Week 15)

Indian Express 04 Sep 2023
QUESTION 2 Methane is the primary component of natural gas and is a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) with a global warming potential (GWP). Discuss how we can reduce methane emissions ... Human sources of methane include landfills, oil and natural gas systems, agricultural activities, coal mining, wastewater treatment, and certain industrial processes.

Researchers: Health evidence against gas and oil is piling up, as governments turn a blind eye

Phys Dot Org 04 Sep 2023
Without emergency action to stop mining and burning fossil fuels, the world faces an unthinkable 2.8℃ temperature rise ... New research clearly shows that "unlocking gas" is at least as harmful to the climate as mining and burning coal. This is largely due to methane leaks at many stages of production.

Green Bitcoin Mining: Nodal Power Secures $13M for Landfill Gas Conversion

Bitcoin 30 Aug 2023
Utah-based Nodal Power, which specializes in turning landfill gas into energy for powering bitcoin (BTC) mining hubs, recently announced a successful $13 million seed round backed by strategic investors ... This technology reduces methane gas emissions from landfills and uses that energy for mining.

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