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Anglo American exposed coal miners to excessive risk, inquiry finds

Mining Dot Com 15 Jun 2021
The report said that overly high methane levels resulted as the mine’s ... It found that Grosvenor failed to take “timely and meaningful” action to control the hazard posed by methane and that coal mine workers in that section were repeatedly subject to unacceptable risk.

30-Year-Old Entrepreneur Josh Riddett Uses Cow Waste to Mine Bitcoin

LB News 15 Jun 2021
Josh Riddett Is Finding Greener Ways to Mine Crypto ... Many institutional investors have thus turned away from bitcoin due to questions surrounding the mining process ... Riddett is tasked with operating a large mining system that utilizes methane from cow waste. This methane powers the several “computer graphics cards” that go into the mining machines.

Five workers were badly injured in a coal mine explosion because poorly designed systems let ...

The Daily Mail 15 Jun 2021
It said the systemic cause of the disaster was repeated methane gas build-ups, or high potential incidents, at longwall mine 104 (LW 104) ... The first methane gas HPI occurred at the Grosvenor Mine less than 10 days later on March 18 ... One of the injured minors is evacuated from the mine by plane and taken to hospital.

Bitcoin Emits Less Than 2% Of The World’s Military-Industrial Complex Carbon Emissions

Bitcoin Magazine 15 Jun 2021
Published research shows Bitcoin mining produces a mere fraction of the carbon emissions coming from the world’s military-industrial complex.Introduction ... Many Bitcoin miners currently run on negative-emissions energy by mining using waste flared methane ... Bitcoin plugs into the wall (or a methane vent, or a volcano).

Farmers Using Very Unconventional Power Source To Fuel Green Bitcoin Operations

The Daily Hodl 15 Jun 2021
Amid concerns about Bitcoin’s energy consumption, farmers in the United Kingdom (UK) are getting creative with how they generate their BTC. In an effort to rethink Bitcoin’s energy footprint, British entrepreneur Josh Riddett has figured out a way for farmers to turn methane gas from cow manure into electricity for BTC mining ... Disclaimer.

Risky Practices Caused Australian Coal Mine Explosion

The Tennessee Tribune 14 Jun 2021
It said the systemic cause of the disaster was repeated methane gas build-ups, or high potential incidents (HPIs), at long wall mine 104 (LW 104) ... The first methane gas high potential incident occurred at the Grosvenor Mine less than 10 days later, on March 18 ... risk at the mine.

Why Left-Wing Anti-Semitism Should Matter to Non-Jews as Much as Right-Wing Hate

The American Spectator 12 Jun 2021
But people did not grasp that, even as Hitler busily was going after the Jews, it was like the methane going for the canary, and everyone else in the mine was next ... “Uh-oh, there’s methane in the mine, and we better act quickly.” So they did not unite to stop Arab terrorism at its gestation.

How US scientists are converting methane into renewable energyMethane is responsible for 23% of all ...

Deccan Herald 10 Jun 2021
Methane is ... At the same time, Dr Willson, who is also a consultant to the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy, (ARPA-E), added that the case can be made that methane, which primarily comes from mines, is humankind’s most renewable fuel ... Methane.

Mine rescue competition shows need for safety in a shrinking sector

Kingsport Times-News 10 Jun 2021
Blue painter’s tape ‘passages’ and paper sheets labeled with various obstacles, methane presence and damaged equipment turned the outdoor turf into underground mine disasters for the competing teams ... “Even with a decline in the number of underground mines, you can never focus too much on the safety aspect of mining,” Palestrant said.

Four bodies pulled from flooded Mexican coal mine, three workers still trapped

New York Post 08 Jun 2021
Rescuers pulled four bodies from a flooded coal mine in Northern Mexico Monday — while three others remain trapped inside ... In 2006, a methane explosion at the nearby Pasta de Conchos coal mine in Sabinas killed an estimated 65 workers — with only two of their bodies ever recovered.

The true price of coal

The Real News Network 08 Jun 2021
From work-related diseases like black lung and silicosis to methane explosions and roof cave-ins, coal mining has always been a dangerous job, and ...

Biology: Global warming, melting permafrost a vicious cycle that's getting worse

The Columbus Dispatch 06 Jun 2021
Kafka? Sure. But there’s a Faustian bargain there, too ... Here’s why ... In waterlogged soils and resulting ponds and lakes, bacteria decompose thawing plant matter in the absence of oxygen releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas. We can control greenhouse gase emissions from mining and burning fossil fuels if we elect to ... Facebook. Twitter.

Accident at Mexico coal mine leaves 7 miners trapped

Beaumont Enterprise 05 Jun 2021
The Coahuila Labor Department said the mine was apparently hit by some sort of collapse and flooding ... A February 2006 methane gas explosion at a coal mine in Sabinas, Coahuila killed 65 miners.

OPINION: Failure to plan bedevils state legislature

Montrose Press 04 Jun 2021
The clock is winding down. In the last days of the 73rd General Assembly, mayhem has arisen ... (My apologies to drunk sailors for casting you in the same light.) ... I was in hopes of expanding the methane capture from coal mines ... Gail Swartz introduced a bill allowing a partnership between the Oxbow Elk Creek Mine, Holy Cross Energy and Aspen Ski Corp ... .

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